Trustwave is a global leader in cybersecurity and managed security services. They provide a comprehen­sive portfolio of solutions and services that help businesses fight cybercrime, protect their data and reduce their security risk.

Since 2015, Trustwave has relied on the skills and tech­nical expertise of our consultants to manage the development of the Trustwave Global Security Report, a comprehensive annual look at cybercrime and the state of security worldwide. We are proud of our role in helping to create the most recent volume of the Global Security Report, released in April 2020.

At Trustwave SpiderLabs, we’re security experts, not writers. We’re grateful for the invaluable assistance we get every year from Learn on Demand Systems Professional Services in helping us organize and publicize our findings, so we can get back to the business of protecting our customers from cybercrime.

Ziv Mador | VP, Security Research | Trustwave SpiderLabs

What we do for Trustwave

Learn on Demand Systems provides a comprehensive suite of services and resources that make it possible for Trustwave to consistently deliver a high quality, well-regarded report. They include:

  • Planning: We engage with Trustwave early in each year’s planning process and work with their experts to assess the latest security intelligence, determine the overall themes and develop the structure of the report.
  • Research: We conduct targeted interviews of key Trustwave security experts about the most important developments in their fields, review Trustwave’s internal writings and data and consult other sources as appropriate to develop the material for the report.
  • Writing and editing: Our writers have more than a decade’s worth of technical writing expertise, specializing in computer security topics, and know how to deliver clear, compelling messaging for multiple audiences, from the general to the technically advanced.

What we can do for you

Learn on Demand Systems offers comprehensive content development services for a wide range of delivery formats, from courseware to white papers and long-form reports. Our content creators have experience working with material covering many different technical and nontechnical fields and have the skills and knowledge to get up to speed quickly on most topics. Learn how we can help you bring your next project to fruition.

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