We are working with our Infrastructure team and are working to resolve the issue.  Once resolved you will be able to resume your work where you left off with no data loss or need to cancel your labs. We appreciate your patience in this and will update you with any further details or when the issue is resolved.





NOTICE: Microsoft Imposing Azure Free Trial and Azure Pass restrictions

In response to COVID-19 and to ensure resources are fully available to first responders, Microsoft Azure has implemented restrictions around newly created Azure accounts. Currently, we are aware of restrictions on Virtual Machine (Compute) and SQL Instance creation for both Azure Pass subscriptions and Free Trial accounts in multiple Azure regions.  Creation of these resources may be blocked or fail to provision.  Additionally, Microsoft may place other restrictions as they deem necessary while they manage their response to the demand for resources in Azure.  The Microsoft public announcement can be found here.


For Microsoft Learning Partners, these restrictions may impact the labs in Microsoft MOC Azure Courses and Microsoft Worldwide Learning (WWL) is currently investigating. Please direct any issues or concerns to your WWL contact.


If you are a content owner and would like information on moving from using Azure Passes or Trial Accounts to our Azure Cloud Slice functionality please reach out to your account executive.