You might not be able to have your cake and eat it, too, but you can have your own slice of the cloud. Not everyone fully understands the concept of what Cloud Slice is and how useful it can be when training students on the cloud.

Cloud Slice is exactly what it sounds like. A service provider takes a piece of the cloud and offers the student all the necessary components of that “slice” to learn the objective without the hassle of redeeming a temporary pass.  Learn on Demand Systems has the ability to carve a slice of the subscription, whether that is Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS), and provide an environment for the student to learn.

According to the eighth annual State of the Cloud Survey of the latest cloud computing trends, public cloud adoption in industries and organizations grew in 2019 with Azure adoption growth reaching 85 percent. Due to the high demand in cloud use, it is necessary that students be trained and highly skilled in not only how the cloud works but also specific elements of the cloud.

The survey also asked 786 IT professionals about their adoption of cloud infrastructure and related technologies within their work environment. Fifty eight percent of the respondents represented businesses or companies with more than 1,000 employees with a margin of error of three percent.

Here are three reasons you should be aware of Cloud Slice and its capabilities:

  1. It allows students to go into a live environment to learn without each student needing a trial pass.
  2. Students can be given an array of roles with the types and quantity of projects they can create being highly controlled.
  3. The student/user is limited from accessing the Cloud Slice outside of the context of the managed lab environment.

We leave you with this: “More than 80% of roughly 2,800 tech-hiring decision makers at U.S. firms, surveyed by Robert Half International Inc. this year, said finding tech talent was a challenge, especially business intelligence analysts, cloud architects, cloud systems engineers and data scientists.”

Training on cloud technologies now, will only help minimize that number.

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